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cappuccino leather handbag factory --Handbags buy, mix, maintenance quiz

1. There is a lot of love to buy bags of MM, often see a wide range of bags to buy a home is a lot, but often find after buying back usage is not high, because the general feeling is not suitable for some occasions match, so how can according to their characteristics, with out own personalized bag it? Let us in the purchase of how to choose to do it?

Impulse buying is a common problem with a woman, I believe that over the years who have not used the bag :). Joke, if the bag you enough so that you can not buy a lot of home, can only buy one, you would not ask this question. Then a joke, if your bag enough, what you wear can either identify with the bag, did not this problem. However, most of us need to spend money wisely. I recommend that you buy the bag at the time, wanted to wear your own clothes and shoes recent styles, colors, and then imagine that you want to buy this bag is not sorted out these clothes with them. I would like to add that the quality of the bag is very important - leather, metal parts and workmanship, although these elements looks and style does not matter, but they are integral to the overall feeling of the bag. No matter how classic or personality style, made with cheap materials, does not look good.

2. such as how to dress this comparison both classical outfit looks stylish fashion handbags without appearing old-fashioned feel like going back to the 1930s it?

Some classic clothing itself is impressive and beautiful, in my mind is the kind that appears very beautiful dress. If this is the case, with a delicate, simple, monochromatic bag just fine. If this is the kind of vintage clothing low-point, such as cotton plain flower dress, then in order to avoid the old-fashioned, with a beautiful color, style bag drill results will be better. With this vintage clothing, bags should not be too large, to highlight fine.

3. There are many quite like big bags of MM, because you can load a lot of things, but the big bag to match what kind of shirt only looks better? Should match or loose fitting shirt?

Actually, I think the size of the elastic bag and clothes are also nothing while and style related. Large bag would be more chic style, and small bags of style would be more refined. Tight clothes have also refined chic Similarly, loose clothing also has chic exquisite, the key is to match the style.

4. In response to sub-pricey MM, usually have to consider the different dress style, with different types of bags. So whether or not suitable for tall MM back a small bag.

Who does not crush the tall dorsal small bag? According to my observation, the size and height of the bag there is no direct relationship, and it touches people's temperament more closely. If your temperament is very lady, little girl, then you back a small bag should be beautiful. There is a saying - the size of the width of a human face and a bag of relevant, suitable for a wide face with a large bag, suitable for a narrow face with a small bag.

5. Whether it is television, or on the street, now more and more great SIZE MM choose the kind of bag, very tide style - but, my own child is relatively small, if also with this big bag SIZE will appear smaller stature it?

I also noticed that many petite female stars, such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, liked with a large bag. Although a large proportion of body bags and their seemingly not a good fit, but they back up a lot of flavor, very good. According to my observation, the bag size and stature, and there is no direct relationship, and the person's temperament is most in a relationship. For example, while you was small, but you have the kind of cool, modern, chic temperament, then you definitely pretty big bag back.

6. pockets for much older woman?

Pockets are not suitable for any age woman. The emergence of pockets of purely practical, but not for America. I've seen the back pockets are not ugly (waist to be very thin), but have not seen carrying a purse than come off nice.

7. Sometimes the bag counter much higher than the price elsewhere, so I want to buy in other places, but afraid to buy A cargo. How to Tell? Take leave it up to the LV

Tell bags, really rely on experience. Seen and used a lot of bags and bags of various grades of price, you basically can distinguish true and false. In general, from leather, quality metal parts and lining, as well as the extent of neat car line is perfect seams and other areas, a look can see the bag is true or false. Take Louis Vuitton, the Internet has a lot to Tell the Raiders, I will not elaborate. In general, if used really Louis Vuitton, will be able to identify a fake. To avoid buying fake bag, best to buy from the formal channels. If you are purchasing, looking for a trusted purchasing seller

8. How should patent leather bag cleaning and maintenance?

Patent leather is basically no maintenance, or if the ash fell like greasy, wipe with a damp enough. Patent leather only caveat is that when placed close together and other things do not; let things fade if leaning, color coating can penetrate patent leather show, so indelible up.

9. The package above the how to fix scratches, will not seem so obvious?

In the process of using a small scratch on the bag is inevitable. Small scratches that can be used oiled leather care about, in general, out of sight. Particularly obvious scratches or scratches, you need to place the bag repair patch. Repair of the bag will be prepared according to the master color bag a coating applied to the bag to cover scratches, but to do so, place the bag coated texture is gone, sometimes seem less natural.

10. How to identify genuine and fake leather?

Identify genuine and fake leather, mainly to see the textures and pores. Animal skin and human skin, has a natural irregularity. Leather texture, if you look carefully, is irregular, and there are sweat pores; and imitation leather texture is very neat, looks particularly fake, a closer look at nor pores. In addition, imitation leather and leather texture very far, dermal people feeling comfortable, like to touch their skin, there is a temperature sensitive; and imitation leather is often floating limp, or crunchy hard, feels a plastic feel.