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Cappuccino leather bag factory-Teach you how to maintain your own handbag


1. Normal skin the best cleaning and maintenance methods, after first removing the dust, and then dedicated clean oil dirt, wrinkle removal. Secondly, the special oil dip the cloth bag and gently applied to the bag, then put the cloth friction force on the bag, but not painted too much detergent, so as not to fade or clothes bag pollution.

2. Paper is in order to show the original flavor, it is best to use it for the ointment, and unfortunately stained with dirt, you can use relatively wet towel to carefully remove.

3. suede deerskin, suede, etc., is best to use a soft brush to remove the animals.

4. patent leather because it is easy to crack, so you must be especially careful use, usually just use a soft cloth like a handkerchief to wipe it. If purses cracks, you can use a cloth dipped a little special grease, then gently rub

To general, just bought handbags, purses should be friction with clean hands, as long as the proper temperature and grease, gently rubbing his hand slowly, they can make even small scars small wrinkles disappear. Climate is humid places, leather susceptible stormwater pollution, if the leather accidentally caught in the rain, but do not use fire or direct sun baking in the hot sun, in order to avoid distortion purses, the most important is the droplets dry, and then place dry shade it. The best on the maintenance of oil at any time, to extend life.

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