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Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #4: Geometric Box Bags
In line with the relaxed forms of bucket bags, the 2015 bag trends also bring powerful and strict geometric box bags, which instantly ooze out a high portion of elegance. Rectangular and square shapes triumph in the new season thanks to the statement-making box bags of Dolce & Gabbana embellished with lots of patterns and colors, Lanvin with uber-classy snakeskin accents, and Victoria Beckham, in case of which elegant reptile skin motifs meet sporty long straps. At the show of Dolce & Gabbana we also saw doll boxes, while Chanel showed tiny box bags with equation prints, as well as outworldly videocassette bags.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #5: Fringed Bags
We have already learnt that the boho-chic style is one of the hottest spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends, hence we have bags carrying boho style motifs too. Tassels and fringe have been lavishly applied on the bags to capture the iconic hippie and bohemian mood. Boldly fringed handbags were seen at Emilio Pucci, where the ‘70s style was the queen, Etro, which again played with ethnic vibes, and Rebecca Minkoff, in case of which the season’s hot rounded shape of bag was used. Fringe was also the say of Salvatore Ferragamo, while Anya Hindmarch used oversized tassels to decorate her imaginative and colorful bags.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #6: Fur Bags
Fur is definitely not the best material for summer, however, it can be a great decorative element for creating statement-making handbags. Although fur bags may seem a bit queer in the hot months of summer, some designers still urge opting for them. Fluffy and luxurious fur handbags were seen at the summer shows of Roberto Cavalli, Dries Van Noten and Fendi, each of which brought completely different styles and forms of bags and different proportions of using fur.


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Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #7: Multiple Bags at a Time
It seems like carrying only one bag is already considered “old-fashioned” and too common. The biggest fans of handbags now can show off two or even three of their favorite bags at a time, since carrying multiple bags is something quite normal for spring. Apparently many designers were inspired from Rihanna, who was recently spotted carrying two Dior bags at a time. The trend of carrying multiple bags was spotted at Fendi and Anya Hindmarch. You may now need to learn how to mix and match various bags to create harmonious looks!


Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #8: Itsy-Bitsy Tiny Bags
Uber-sweet miniature forms of bags have been paid lots of importance to in the new season and we really love this, since these are bags meant to “accessorize” a look rather than to carry things. We all have so many days, when we need to carry just our credit cards and the mobile phone and carrying a big bag is something you’d hardly like to do. Tiny handbags come in a variety of forms and styles in the new season, meant for special glamorous occasions, as well as casual strolls in the city. We just adore those tiny ball bags from BCBG Max Azria, the brightly colored and rounded designs of Topshop Unique, the boho-chic designs of Chloe, the embellished and extravagant tiny bags of Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi, the geometric bags of Ermanno Scervino, the portfolio bag of Michael Kors and the geometric designs of Marc Jacobs and Karen Walker. Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Celine and Giambattista Valli are among so many designers, who have made tiny bags a huge mainstream for the new season!


Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #9: Travel Chic Suitcases
In the modern world a real IT girl is a globetrotter and she definitely needs stylish suitcases to travel fashionably. Many designers also encourage travelling and for this they come up with unique suitcase designs that you might want to acquire. Such were the retro suitcase of Nicole Miller, the patched suitcase of Chanel and the Barbie inspired one from Moschino. On the other hand Dolce & Gabbana suggests carrying a glam doll box instead of a suitcase if you want to stand out in the crowd!


Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #10: Printed Bags
Prints, especially florals are in the bag in the new season and this turns some designs into real dream pieces. If florals aren’t printed, then they are patched or embroidered and in all the cases they look so garden-y and romantic. Floral printed handbags were the focal points of the shows of Valentino, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton and many others. However, florals aren’t the only prints embellishing spring 2015 handbags, but we have seen many other patterns as well, such as watercolor prints (Chanel), giraffe patterns (Stella Jean), gingham (Diane von Furstenberg), dots, stripes, checkered motifs and so on.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #11: Shoulder Bags
Although carrying bags in hand to feel the “pulse” is still uber-hot, the spring/ summer 2015 handbag trends also bring those timeless shoulder bags for those, who are used to carrying their bags this way. Shoulder bags are available in a myriad of shapes and shades in the new season and they look really trendy and modern even though they don’t carry any innovative fashion vibes. Some lovely shoulder bags were seen at Valentino, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and others.

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #12: Modern Backpacks
They came to fashion a few seasons ago and they still manage to look hot. Backpacks aren’t only for schoolgirls and hikers any more, especially when they come in such a big diversity in the new season. Colorful, printed, fringed, modern, retro or military, backpacks form a separate bag trend for 2015 thanks to the unique designs of Jeremy Scott, Burberry Prorsum, Marc Jacobs, Whisles, Moschino, Blugirl, Chrisopher Raeburn and many others. When you carry a backpack once you’ll hardly love to switch back to those modern designs!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #13: Woven and Straw Bags
It’s not only textile shoes that are trendy in the new season, but also textile bags, especially woven and straw ones. Thanks to their lightweight and spacious character, woven and straw bags are very comfortable and practical to carry in the warm months of summer. Some lovely designs of such bags can be found in the new season collections of Michael Kors, Stella Jeans, Ermanno Scervino, Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #14: Luxurious Reptile Skin Bags
Can we ever imagine any single season without the luxurious and elegant leather and reptile skin handbags? Hardly! Neither can the fashion designers! Reptile skin handbags are hot again and we are so happy about this, as these are the most versatile and go-with-everything bag styles we all own in our wardrobes. Reptile skin handbag was the say of Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Jason Wu, Balenciaga, Victoria Beckham and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #15: Elegant Clutches and Purses
Perhaps no fashion show has ever existed without demonstrating some cool styles of clutches and purse bags. After all, those are the go-to bags we all need for styling our party looks and not only. Clutches are also widely used as everyday casual accessory details nowadays, capable of creating beautiful contrasts with street chic clothing pieces. Whether it’s about some exquisite piece, an elegant staple or something more ordinary perfect for everyday wear, clutches and purses are among the best spring/ summer 2015 handbag trends. For inspiration, just browse through the spring 2015 collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Versace, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Fendi, Burberry Prorsum, Christian Siriano and many others and you’ll find a plethora of stylish clutches and purses for spring!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #16: Envelope and Folded Bags
In addition, slightly bigger envelope clutches and folded bags are also hot in spring, since they are ideal everyday alternatives to those party-ready clutches. Envelop, folded and foldover clutches and bags make a huge entrance into the new season thanks to the spectacular 

creations of Chanel, Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli, DKNY, Bibhu Mohaparta, Sally LaPointe and many others.

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #17: Oversized Bags
Practical and spacious big bags are also there for all those girls, who can’t go out without carrying a huge amount of personal belonging with them. Well, carrying tiny bags is cute and comfortable, however, not always are they the best styles to go for. We still love the functionality of oversized bags, especially when our favorite fashion designers have come up with so many cool designs. Think Valentino, Fendi, DSquared2, Diane von Furstenberg, Bottega Veneta, Marni and you’ll have lots of ideas for new roomy bags for spring 2015.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #18: Unconventional Extraordinary Bags
It’s always interesting to check the endless fantasy of famous fashion designers, who can’t go any season without presenting some non-standard and creative forms of handbags. The recent fashion shows saw a pretty big range of such unconventional extraordinary bag styles, most of which target those self-confident and bold girls, who love to be in the spotlight. Among such designs we should mention the cherry bags of Undercover, the videocassette handbags of Chanel, the metallic heart bag of Dolce & Gabbana, the unique bags with buckles, rings and pendants of Stella McCartney, Maison Martin Margiela and Celine. Uber-cute were those animal bags of Kate Spade, while the sporty chic sneakers-inspired bags of Alexander Wang made one think for a second before understanding what they actually resembled. Sporty chic was also the theme of those unique Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, while in case of Loewe’s gorgeous bags we saw various sources of inspiration. Anya Hindmarch decided to stick to the school theme for designing her spacious and colorful bags.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #19: Doctor Bags

Of the season’s traditional and classic forms of bags we should also mention doctor bags, which are still pretty trendy although they weren’t met too frequently during the recent shows. While Armani presented a more elegant version of doctor bags, Stella Jean and Michael Kors opted for charming vintage motifs bringing oversized and cool designs.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #20: Color-Blocked Bags

The spring/ summer 2015 handbag trends include almost all the colors of rainbow, however, there is one trend we are particularly excited about. Color-blocking continues to be an interesting technique of creating not only smashing looks, but also stylish bags, and this is what Valentino and Burberry Prorsum prove.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #21: Tote Bags

The famous shopper or tote bags are perhaps the most practical and comfortable everyday styles of bags you can opt for in the hot months of summer. Thanks to their spacious character you can carry as many important things with you as you want and due to the new pretty designs you can be sure to look on-trend even when shopping. Among the most stylish 2015 tote bags we should mention those from Diane von Furstenberg, DSquared2, Versace, Stella Jean and Donna Karan.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #22: Messenger Bags

Messenger bags get a unique makeover this season, quite often bearing military notes that look amazing in line with these shapes. Cute are the patched messenger bag of Chanel, the military design of Marc Jacobs and the one from Ralph Lauren adorned with safari vibes. They are practical, versatile and can be amazing bag styles not only for hiking and traveling, but also for everyday wear.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #23: Duffel Bags

Sporty chic is known to be the It spring 2015 fashion trend and this refers to shoes and bags as well. We have already seen those sneakers-bags from Alexander Wang, however, what about the traditional duffel bags? Those are incredible options you can consider, since they are spacious enough to carry lots of belongings and can be easily adjusted to any style, excluding the elegant and feminine looks, of course. While Topshop Unique brings the sporty chic duffel bag style, Bottega Veneta spices things up with some femininity.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Handbag Trend #24: Satchel Bags

Last but not least, how come we live a season fashionably without those traditional satchel bags? They are in too and they come in a myriad of shapes and shades to meet the style demands of even the most capricious fashionisers. Of the best options, however, we should mention those modern chic satchel bags from Versace and the classic designs from Prada mixing colors and materials so harmoniously.

The spring/ summer 2015 handbag trends are colorful, imaginative and diverse enough to satisfy the fashion cravings of every fashion-forward woman in the new season. You just need to pick the right handbags according to your figure and outfits and go out flaunting your unique taste in fashion and style!